Malam 171

i own a time machine.
"i wish to go back to 16th of december 2009"
the MC
assalamualaikum i bid to the honourable bonda pengetua, Pn Shariffah Asmak binti Syed Alwee, senior assistant of SBPI Gombak Encik Salleh, respected teachers and last but not least my fellow friends. We gather here at the aesthetically pleasing venue, restoran Seri Melayu to celebrate the end of our high school senior year and as well our last official gathering.

we begin the ceremony with a recital of prayer by Muhammad Hafizi bin Rajiman.
i invite Pn shariffah asmak binti syed alwee to give her speech;

an organization would go hectically chaotic with the absentee of a leader. a leadership value has been long ago seen in the face of our well known good looking batch leader, Sya'rawi Muhammad Husni . i welcome Sya'rawi to give his speech;


due to certain general inevitable error photos will be uploaded later.

malam tu kite seronok seronok makan makan camerawhoring and enjoying ourself with other sort of activities. tapi ada juga unfortunate people yang tak sempat nak makan tak sempat nak minum tak sempat nak capture the memorable moments in film or memory cards (dalam erti kata lain tak sempat nak amik gambar sendiri) because they were busy making things memorable for US. these are the people who worked behind the scene whom allowed us the enjoy the most awaited event of the year ;

AJK Pelaksana

Sya'rawi Al-zafir Megat Hamzah Musliha Wardah NabilahBasarang FazaSyazwina

Ajk Protokol

Izzat Shahir

AJK Hadiah

AimiHanisah Khalis

AJK Multimedia

Wazien Feroz Najmul Imran

AJK Penyambut Tetamu

Syazrul Al-Ameer Akmal harith (IN)


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