Assalamualaikum EXCELL 9, juz wondering what u guyz doin ryte now...instead of livin in a such of bowink lyfe how about u guys wryte sumting bout korung nye perkembangan least people noe dat u still alive...huhu...its kinda fun u noe..

i noe skunk ni ade yg tgh bz amek lesen, bz carik keje la..and ade yg masih lagi menganggur(cm ak la)huhu...and ade jugak yg dapat offer 4 those yg tgh wat prep utk g interview or sowatever la..good luck and do ur bez..

actlly..not much to say ryte now..ak pon x pena nk tulis blog ni...huhu...1st tyme dowh..
i hope korunk jgn le lpe sesme sndiri and do spend mse yg ade ni wisely..jgn lpe solat..huhu...
so ive heard a lot of things bout diz batch..i mean our batch..
good things and bad things...

tp ape2 pon...diz is still our batch..huhu...nnt ak tulis la lagi...bru nk panaskan turtle!!!


Anonymous said...

long life excell9! :D

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