Terjagaku from sleep lena
Moving toward lazy window
Morning fog cover
Scanning all the memories past

Ocean area has been my renangi
Thorn mine all the thorny
I do not know and care about me
I continue to try
Enjoyed until now

Together with all tempuhi
Although the streets are still far
Only you and I know that
When I am expecting a glorious
Nearly appeared in front mataku
I believe saatkan arrived
Only waiting time and interlocked

Tempuhi all
When will arrive glorious
Kan we enjoyed together
So I promise
With myself
Mo menggenggami
Sincere, patient, true

hehe..try aa nynyi eh;-)) :p


atiq kawaii said...

tatabahasa anda sgt bagoss...
x ksh la...yg pntg makne die mendalam...huhu

dYincOzOfU said...

mrosk kn lgu je kau nh.
well,nice try.

assyuhada said...

peleyk giler

im said...

haha..lrik nih ak trnslte bult..kwar ni laa..
ak xedit sgt pn..
da cmptr nk kwar nih, ak post je la kt blog..

Lyd Merra said...

apal rojak nih?

Farah Zayanah said...

bodoh punye lagu haha ;p

chipzdalez said...

buwrok siot im!!
nk nyanyi pon xbley da...
tp,,huhu...still klaka

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