Love or hatred?

This short article, is specially for you, my Excell9 friends. May it bring peace to your troubled hearts and broaden your views and thoughts.

January 14, 2009. 3.28 a.m.

I’ve just watched a great work of art, of love, of freedom, of rationalism, and of consciousness. It’s a movie, which may none of us really knew bout it, as it was made much before our birth into this world. Nevertheless, this movie has touched deep into my heart, and penetrated into my soul. The name of the movie is Gandhi, and of course, it tells the man’s journey of struggle and life.

May I ask your opinion, what can you define by love?

Yeah, maybe some of you think, oh man, why must we bother to talk bout this sissy stuff!?Well, think again. The fundamental of Islam is peace, and at the very base of it, is love.We all are very much aware that, problems occur in every aspect of our lives. One may have difficulties in relationships, either with loved ones or friends. For others, they may come across problems in handling their emotions, attitudes, and personalities. We are all humans, and we are unable to settle it all by our own. Of course, we need Allah and His guidance. Not to mention our true friends and loved ones. We have to bear this in our mind, aren’t we made by Allah as His best creation? We have to believe in ourselves that we can achieve what we want in life. If we don’t, it is as if we have mocked Allah for His Wisdom.

We are great, every one of us. We don’t keep pride within ourselves, but show our greatness by contributing to the world society. From that, we show love to all people. Have compassion. Understand people around us. Or at least give them hope. Don’t expect people to understand you if you do not understand them first. Be realistic and positive at the same time. Put these two aspects in balance. Don’t hate, as it only worsen matters. However, don’t be fooled by fools’ love, as it can be disastrous. You want a good friend? Or searching for a true companion? Ask yourselves, are you a good friend or companion? If you do think so, check if you truly have the qualities..

Only then, you will find that the world is really beautiful and not bad as you think before!


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i'm quite agree with u,thnks for that btw =)

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