cepat laa bace ((:

salam. lame rs nye tak visit and update blog ni. nsb baek ad authors laen yg rajin m'update kn. thank you very much (:

br je td, tbe2 ht aku tdetik nk bkk blog senior integomb kte n i found this message. from Puan Saidah. i'm touched. i dont know where this message come from but i know it's from Puan Saidah sendiri n aku rs nk share kt excell9.

read this (':

Message from Puan Saidah

this message is forwarded from Kak Pipah for us reviVena+
kawan-kawan, mari baca ya!

Assalamualaikum w.b. t.
My dear students…
I know, this sudden transfer may come as a shock to all of you
Please, do forgive me for not telling you beforehand
Even without exchanging goodbyes
I am sure that this will not be the end of the road for us
It hurts my heart to leave you, it really does
Just when we were having so much fun together
But nothing, nothing happens without a reason
I may be teaching in another school
I may be mingling with other students
But my heart will always be you
INTEGOMB will stay with me forever…
Do not consider my new school as an enemy for you to beat
Consider it as a booster for you
To put up your efforts even harder
And stay on top above others
Take it up as a challenge
I look forward to see the outcome…
Best of luck to all of you
Even if I have never taught you Physics
I hope that I did teach you one thing
INTEGOMB is a school for CHAMPIONS
Your seniors have proved it
And so shall you…
Keep it up!
Do not give up
There is still time
But do not waste it
Believe in your teachers
As they believe in you
I have my utmost faith
In all the teachers
I am sure they will lead you to even greater success
I left
Knowing that they are there
To guide you
And to protect you
So long
Till we meet again…

Puan Nor Saidah Che Hassan ( Your Former Teacher )

salam juang~

hari nie, 16 mac...aq dll akn gerak ke msjid negeri s alam...then trus dihngkut ke klia.
flight insyaallah pkul 12.30 a.m. 17 mac....

apepun, hanye memaklum, tiada niat yg lain....
mohon doa kalian mengiringi perjalanan kami yg bukn shj kurg lebih 8 jam ke sane, tp jugak prjlnn hidup kurg lebih 6 thun lg kt bumi kinanah sana...
terdahulu, lain2 dah selamat smpai sane...yat, afiq, ain, hasif dll....
aq antre yg lmbt gk sbenanye....lecture pun dh strt 12 hb hri tu lg...kire hmpir sminggu tertuang kelas...
kne cover gila2....tmbh lagi ngn new topics in new sem en...
n insyaallah...new environmnt of egypt la en..
denga khabar dr mmber2 lain yg dh smpai sane, everything nmpk berbeza dr yg asal....agk penasaran nk tau, tp keberatan tue sentiase ade utk tingglkn tnh melayu..aperpun...perjuangan yg terhenti sketika prlu diteruskan...
doakan kami ea...

utk kalian juge...all the best...terus berjuang... walau kt mane pun kite duduk, beribu2 kilometer jauh pun...matlamat kite ttp same...kite pgang amanah yg sama...
moge Allah sntiasa mmbimbing kite mngharungi liku2 jln yg mndatang...
terus tabah n sentiase berjuang eh....
salam juang!!~